By Thomas R. Dempsey, M.D. CCI

Feeling squashed? Going stir crazy? You can make good use of this Q time with many activities that will improve your fishing success. One: read some fishing journals and books that have been sitting on your shelf for weeks or probably years. If you are studying for your certification exam, this is a great time to knock off some literature. Look on the internet for some casting instruction videos on you tube. There is some great stuff there. Type up Mid Currents and Sexy Loops, look at Gordy Hills archives on, tons of info. How about some casting practice? Fifteen minutes a day will probably take you to the next level. Better yet take some lessons, outside, and easy to social distance. Get busy and tie flies. If you don’t know how, Gulf Coast Fly Fishing School can start you off right after you take a lesson from one of their certified casting instructors. Follow up on the internet where you can learn a zillion ways to tie a Clouser Minnow. Next, go thru and organize your tackle, separate out the flies, weigh and label lines, grease that reel, clean lines and replace backings, tie leaders, man, let your mind go wild. It will pay off next time you take a trip. Now you are really ready to go fishing. Finally, go fish. The water was never closed. Most ramps never closed. Everybody has a boat or a friend with one. Nothing wrong with walking the beach or shore fishing in a pond. Bottom line and take home, there are many activities in fishing during Corona times.