The Triple Tail Classic 2024

The Triple Tail Classic is now in the history books.  This is the 5th consecutive year that this event has been held as a tag and release challenge for triple tail that benefits the Gulf Coast Research Lab.  This year there were over 38 boats with over 90 anglers that participated.  They came from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Georgia.  The event encompassed an area from Pensacola Bay to Biloxi beginning at 7am on Saturday morning and ending at 4pm.  There were multiple categories for first fish caught, the most fish, the biggest fish, and the overall grand champion based on the lowest number of points.

I am proud to say that the Gulf Coast Fly Fishing team of founder Thomas Dempsey and his son Todd Dempsey ties for first overall for the grand championship which was awarded on a tie-breaker, bumping GCFF into second place.  That being said, the event was considered a huge success.  The Gulf Coast team was tied for first place and actually lost on a small technicality.  But everyone had fun and the Gulf Coast team caught 4 fish out of a total of 18 triple tails that were caught during the tournament.  All the fish were tagged for a research project that the Gulf Coast Research Lab supports as an ongoing project for the health and sustainability for the triple tail species.   

“Thanks” should be giving to Noble and Danelle Davidson for their continuing support and production of this tournament.   They work hard every year to make sure the tournament comes off smoothly.  Despite living in Apalachicola, FL, Danelle’s and Noble’s tireless participation ensures that this is one of the best, if not the best, fishing tournaments that I have ever been associated with.  Kudos to both of them.

Saturday evening finished with a band, Moe’s BBQ, the presentation of awards and the congratulations of all the participants and volunteers.  The Gulf Coast Fly Fishing club looks forward to participating next year and we’ll see you on the water!

2023 Triple Tail Tournament

The 2023 Triple Tail Tournament sponsored by the Eastern Shore Fly Fishing Club has come and gone.  This was the fourth year for the successful tournament that included some 34 boats and 90 anglers.  A total of 13 triple tails were caught and tagged, benefitting the Gulf Coast Research Lab at Grand Bay.

The hot weather did not seem to affect the fishing enthusiasm, but probably had something to do with the lower numbers.

Jeffrey St. John and his father, Sam, were the big winners with the most fish for their third win in four years.  They obviously have a secret formula.

The Gulf Coast Fly Fishing School was lucky enough to tie for first place with the largest triple tail, Jay Toffler was a spotter on Todd Dempsey’s black jack boat and Tom Dempsey was the angler who caught the fish.

All fish were tagged and released to help the research program on triple tails.

After all the festivities of fishing, a night with a nice band and Moe’s BBQ and prizes culminated another successful year.  Danielle Davidson and Noble Davidson are to be doubly congratulated for their hard work for initially establishing this fishing tournament 4 years ago and continuing to follow it with hours of input and work. 

Programs like this only enhance our fishery along the Gulf Coast and we are lucky to live where we live.  I failed to mention that this was a “fly fish only – no conventional tackle” for a very unique tournament.  Come see us next year and fish in the Triple Tail Tournament.