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Fly Fishing Western Wyoming is a small husband and wife operation situated in Kemmerer, Wyoming. >> READ

Fly fishing the lower Henry’s Fork in Idaho

By Doc Frangos >> READ

Fishing Idaho’s Upper Teton River

By Doc Frangos >> READ

The Bighorn River and Jack Dennis

By Doc Frangos >> READ

Smallmouth Fishing in Maine

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Bob Marshall Wilderness

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Don’t Overlook Mountain Whitefish

By Dino N. Frangos >> READ

Smallmouth Fishing Mecca

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Fishing Victor, Idaho

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Fishing Alaska

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Fishing in Maine

By Tom Dempsey >> READ

Fly Fishing on Flat Creek in Jackson, Wyoming 11/2017

By Dino Frangos. A Must-Do Trip in the Fall >> READ

Fly Fishing Victor, Idaho 09/2016

By Tom Dempsey. A 4-day trip with fellow instructor, Dino Frangos >> READ

Fly Fishing around Nashville, TN 09/2016

By Tom Dempsey. Gorgeous rivers, crystal clear wading and more! >> READ

Bluefish off Montauk, NY

By Tom Dempsey. These big, agressive Blues make our Alabama blues look like babies. >> READ

Of Muskellunge and Tennessee Tarpon

By Tom Dempsey. Fishing for muskie on the Collins River in Tennessee. >> READ