Article By Thomas R. Dempsey, M.D. CCI

For all you guys who are looking for another ride in the spring try float tube.  You will be surprised to see how economical, practical and adventuresome fishing from a float tube can be.  One of the great things about using a float tube is the ability to access areas that are impossible to hit from the bank.  In environments where there are trees and vegetation that grow right down to the water, it is very difficult to fish without hanging up in the trees.  With a float tube you can stay away from the bank and away from the canopy of the trees and you can cover the whole lake or pond.

Float tubes range from $100-$300.  Throw in a set of flippers and that’s really all you need.  Nowadays the tubes are made with a seat that lets you sit upright instead of stepping through a seat that keeps you lower in the water and is harder to get in and out of.  Zippers on each side give access to compartments where you can store your gear and the front also has an opening where you can put additional fishing items.

When I announce I’m going out in my float tube, oftentimes I hear “what about the snakes and the gators?” Truthfully, I don’t worry about them.  I see snakes and gators whether I am fishing from the bank or from the water.  I don’t know of a single case where a fisherman in a float tube has been bitten by a snake or attacked by an alligator.

So, if you are looking for something a little bit different, get yourself a float tube and hit some of these ponds and little streams that have been looked at from afar but not fished because of the structure around them.